What we do...

We are leaders in providing quality, hands-on training seminars to help your technical and business employees succeed in the telecom industry. We can work with you to provide customized learning solutions or choose pre-designed solutions. Most training are hands-on; participants will work their way through labs on real equipment.

Our expertise

  • Fiber optic measurement and troubleshooting
  • RF measurement and troubleshooting
  • IP networking
  • Next Generation networks and architectures: LTE, WiFi, IoT, 5G, SDN, cloud

Why us?

Experience and communication is the key. We are experts in training. We have years of experience in the telecom industry and providing hands-on training.

We can provide training for both  technical and business roles.  Let us help you and your team become experts in advanced fiber, IP and wireless technologies.

Our founders

  • Kevin Ramdas

    Kevin Ramdas

    Kevin Ramdas Ph.D. has been an RF Engineer and Professor of Wireless Telecommunications for over 17 years. He is the co-founder of the TelecomTRAIN, a company that provides hands-on training solutions and consulting services in RF and Optical systems, 5G, and AWS. He has worked with clients to evaluate LTE solutions, troubleshoot protocols, and perform OTA testing. As a member of the CWTA 5G Council of Canada, Kevin has shown keen interest in the implementation of 5G technologies in Canada.
  • Imran Muhammad

    Imran Muhammad

    Imran Muhammad is a professor of networking technologies and has over 10 years of experience creating service architectures. He is certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate.