What we do...

We provide technical courses and services to help keep your people and technology up-to-date.


We are national leaders in providing hands-on training courses to help your technical and business employees succeed in the telecom industry. You can select from our pre-designed courses or design your own custom learning solution, either way, our courses revolve around your requirements. Most training are hands-on; participants will work their way through labs on real equipment used in industry.


Our technical services team can help you upgrade your communication systems. We can audit your systems and help plot your path to upgrade. We are also experts at test and measurement; and can help benchmark the performance of your systems, and provide best practices for maintaining them.

Our expertise

  • Fiber optic measurement and troubleshooting
  • RF measurement and troubleshooting
  • IP networking
  • Next Generation networks and architectures: LTE, WiFi, IoT, 5G, SDN, cloud

Why us?

Our people have deep knowledge in implementing and maintaining telecommunication systems. 

We are experts in training. We have years of experience in the telecom industry and providing hands-on training. Let us help you and your team become experts in advanced fiber, IP and wireless technologies.

Our directors

  • Kevin Ramdas

    Kevin Ramdas

    Kevin Ramdas Ph.D. has been an RF Engineer and Professor of Wireless Telecommunications for over 17 years. He is the co-founder of the TelecomTRAIN, a company that provides hands-on training solutions and consulting services in RF and Optical systems, 5G, and AWS. He has worked with clients to evaluate LTE solutions, troubleshoot protocols, and perform OTA testing. As a member of the CWTA 5G Council of Canada, Kevin has shown keen interest in the implementation of 5G technologies in Canada.
  • Imran Muhammad

    Imran Muhammad

    Imran Muhammad is a professor of networking technologies and has over 10 years of experience creating service architectures. He is certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate.