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We are national leaders in optical, wireless and IP communication systems training and services.

Communication technologies are converging: voice/data, fiber, wireless, IP, virtualization, cloud, and automation.

There is so much to know. The more your people know, the faster and more effectively they’ll get their jobs done, helping your business to thrive and open new opportunities for you.

We, at TelecomTRAIN, believe that training can make your teams more flexible; enabling them to make informed decisions, and to create and maintain more reliable communications systems. Let's work together to make it happen.

Our capabilities

We specialize in field and network operations and can create custom courses for your business' needs. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help your team. Our possible courses:

  • Physical layer courses: Fiber Optic Systems (CFOT), Wireless Fundamentals, Coax cables and Antennas, Copper cabling, In-building systems (DAS), DC power in the telecom room, Industrial fiber optics

  • Systems/Protocol courses: IP networks (Cisco/JunOS), Internet security, WiFi, LTE, SIP/VoLTE, Automotive Networks, IoT Architectures

  • Hybrid Architecture courses: Amazon Web Services, Data Center Architectures, hybrid cloud networks

Canada Job Grant

Employer? Your employee's training costs be reimbursed Employee? Put us in contact with your company

The Canada Job Grant program is a federal initiative which supports Canadian businesses by providing high-level skills training funding. The goal of the program is to increase the value of the Canadian workforce and to make Canadian companies more competitive on the international stage. Companies can apply to the program on behalf of their employees. Up to $10,000 of funding is available per employee per year. Ask us how by calling (647) 948-9430, it'll take less than five minutes.

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